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Are you or your family in need?

In today's economy, there are a lot of individuals and families in need. The wealth and glory days of the 80's are over, and we find ourselves in financial distress or worse - in financial ruin. People who have worked hard all their lives and done everything right are losing their jobs, their homes and more. 

Unfortunately, this atmosphere of need breeds unscrupulous individuals who make their income by preying on those of us in need. Infomercials and books have started to appear, promising individuals and families in need "free" grants to help a variety of paying off bills, buying a car, paying off debt, buying a home or more. Bad news folks - there is no such thing. 


Those infomercials? Yeah - they're not telling the truth. If they were, we wouldn't still be working, and we'd all be buying up cars and homes ad paying off our debt! Those misleading ads, books and infomercials make you believe the government will give "free money" to essentially anyone for anything. But the government will NOT give you money just because you ask for it! Don't buy any more books, don't buy into any of those false claims, anymore.

The GOOD news is...there is help! It might not be in the form you were hoping for...i.e. "cash" for anything you want - but there is help. can help identify your needs and match you up with benefits to help get you and your family through these difficult times.  It is the official benefits website of the U.S. government, and it was designed to inform United States citizens of benefits they may be eligible for, provide information on how to apply for assistance, and help you start your benefits search by connecting you to assistance programs you may be eligible to receive.

To find out how you might qualify for government (real!) assistance and benefits, go here:!