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News from the Texas Education Agency's Division of Grants Administration

Updated EDGAR FAQ Available

The Division of Grants Administration has released an updated version of the new EDGAR FAQ document. Changes, updates, and clarifications contained in Version 3 of the FAQ's are identified by blue text for ease in identifying the new information.

According to the Division of Grants Administration, make sure to pay close attention to questions #20-22, 25, 32-33, 42-43, 51, 54, 59-61, 65-70, 74-76, 87, and 97-98. The updated EDGAR FAQ's is available at The New Edgar, New EDGAR Regulations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Version 4 of the FAQ addressing the changes in TEA policy discussed in the August 18, 2015, to the Administrator Addressed letter will be released in the near future. 

For more information on these changes, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..