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Happy Clients

Happy Clients!

"Nonprofit Setup Services did our Form 1023 -- sailed through with zero problems very quickly and we got our tax-exempt status. I think they recognize their name on applications and fast track them. I could be wrong, but they do a lot of these so the IRS knows them." ...Cyn Mobley, President and Executive Director, At Risk Intervention (ARI). (Please visit the ARI website and consider donating - they're currently renovating a barn to accommodate pregnant dogs and rescued dogs and need all the help they can get!)

"Please send other referrals; we could never begin to repay you for the great things you have done for us; we have won many grants throughout the years, due to your assistance. You have earned respect beyond Recommendations"  ...Bishop Thamar Williams, Mona Blvd. Community Services.

"Thank you very much for your excellent service. You were very thorough when it came to gathering the right information to make my case... Thank you for everything!"...Pete Dakuras

"Thank you for all your help. A huge weight off our shoulders. You have truly made this experience as comfortable as it could have been. We appreciate all you do and again, Thank You. Any additional information let us know. Have a spectacular evening. Sincerely, The Intercept Team"...Lisa Marziali

"Thank you for making all this possible. I think I will tell the officers and Board members of the Foundation that I have all of this in motion and then pause, letting them think for about three seconds that I am actually capable of doing such a thing, and then confess that it was your experience and organizational skills that have launched us. For three seconds I will seem a person like yourself with practical skills rather than just a dreamer. Thanks always."...Kenneth Senter, WTCSTEEL Foundation. (Please visit the WTC STEEL Foundation's website here - and if you've a mind, send them $9.11 -- every penny counts!) WTC STEEL Foundation

"I was able to get the files from your website. Thank you for posting those for me. If you wouldn't mind leaving those up through the weekend it would helpful. I did talk to our IRS contact after I spoke with you on Wed. afternoon. He couldn't have been more friendly or accommodating which is precisely what you predicted. He granted us an extension through the end of this week just in case we needed it. Again, thank you so much for all of the hard work. I read over your work before I sent it off. You made our case clearly, concisely and much more professionally then we could have by ourselves. Thank You!" ...Thomas Sammon, The Children's Hope Fund

"Thank you sooooooooooooo much for the work that you and everyone else have done. Yes, I received the package from FedEx late this afternoon like expected. I was very pleased in what I found inside. Everything sounds really good!"...Sharianne John, For the Hearts of Our Children

"The Proposal, the Nonprofit Set Up -- all look Awesome! I'm sending the Nonprofit Corporation Application in the mail to Juneau, as we speak! Thank you!"...Howard J. Hornbuckle, Youth Fitness Center.

"I must say that I'm very impressed with the presentation and research that went into this project. I can't wait to see what type of responses I will receive. I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent job that you've done on my proposal! I will definitely keep you updated. Thank you."...Sterling Langley, SRL Properties, Inc.