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Potential Grant Funding Areas

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To help you with your project, the following lists grant funding research that can be conducted in a variety of funding areas, support data and documentation for your grant proposal and more:

Grants, Funding and Assistance for Minority Programs
Grants, Funding for Hospitals, Health Care Programs
Grants, Funding for Agricultural Research
Grants, Funding for Arts and Humanities
Grants, Loans, Financing and Capital for Entrepreneurs (This does depend on your project/business need!)
Grants, Funding for Community Development
Grants, Funding for Correctional Facilities
Grants, Funding for Development
Grants, Funding for Economic Development
Grants, Funding and Financing for Public works
Grants, Funding for Education Programs
Grants, Funding for Environment and Environmental Research
Grants, Funding for Labor, Employment, Training
Business Grants, Loans, Financing and Capital (This depends on your project/business need)
Grants, Funding for Local Governments
Grants, Funding and Assistance for Human Services
Grants, Funding for Nonprofit Organizations
Grants, Funding for Planning
Grants, Funding for Public Facilities
Grants, Funding for Regional Planning
Grants, Funding and Assistance for Social Services
Grants, Funding for Rehabilitation
Grants, Funding for Research Grants, Funding for Rural Development
Research Grants, Funding for Medicine
Grants, Funding for Science and Technology
Grants, Funding for State/County/City
Grants, Funding for Transportation Grants, Funding
Grants, Funding and Assistance for Community Organizations
Grants, Funding for University/College
Grants, Funding for Urban/City Planning
Grants, Funding and Loans for Schools and School Districts
Grants, Funding and Loans for Agriculture
Small Business Grants, Loans, Financing and Capital
Seed & Start-up Capital for Small Business (funding for these purposes are NOT grants, but loans, low-interest government guaranteed loans, etc)

Are you or your family in need?

In today's economy, there are a lot of individuals and families in need. The wealth and glory days of the 80's are over, and we find ourselves in financial distress or worse - in financial ruin. People who have worked hard all their lives and done everything right are losing their jobs, their homes and more. 

Unfortunately, this atmosphere of need breeds unscrupulous individuals who make their income by preying on those of us in need. Infomercials and books have started to appear, promising individuals and families in need "free" grants to help a variety of paying off bills, buying a car, paying off debt, buying a home or more. Bad news folks - there is no such thing. 

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Donating to your favorite charity this year?

nonprofit organization setupIf you're thinking of donating to your favorite charity this year, has the following Top 10 Best Practices of Savvy Donors list you might want to read first! Charity Navigator is America's premier independent charity evaluator. Click on the logo to find a charity you can trust, but keep in mind not ALL good, reputable charities are listed, so you might not find yours on the list. (If you don't, follow the suggestions below, and perhaps suggest to your charity that they add themselves to Charity Navigator.

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We're a Nonprofit Corporation - does that mean we're a 501(c)(3) and Tax-exempt?

Nonprofit organization setup

The short answer: NO! Not even close.

Unfortunately, a lot of people contact us saying they completed their own nonprofit incorporation, and now they're ready to apply for grant funding. The truth is all they are is a nonprofit corporation. They are NOT tax-exempt. (And that begs the question: did they incorporate properly? Did they include all the IRS provisions? In most cases they have not - but that's a subject for another article!)

When one incorporates as a nonprofit organization, the corporation is now a legal entity. Your articles and by-laws act as the guidelines for running your "nonprofit business." But obtaining nonprofit corporate status from your state does not automatically carry over to the federal government, and the Feds are the only ones who can approve you for that much sought-after 501(c)(3) status!

"Nonprofit" is really a misnomer, really. A 501(c)(3), while it is in most cases a nonprofit corporation, should really be referred to as a "tax-exempt" corporation or organization. Meaning as long as the funds you raise are done so with your stated purposes in mind and used for those purposes, those funds will not be taxed.

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Please - Check Us Out First!

We don't spend a lot of money, advertising our services on television or online. In fact, most of our clients come to us by word-of-mouth.

Why is that good for you? Well, because we don't spend a lot of money on advertising, we can keep our costs low. And we pass on our savings to our clients!

Also -- we all know a HUGE advertising budget does not always mean that you, as the client, are going to get better service. It just means you've heard of the "big name" company. It also doesn't mean you're going to pay less either. In fact, by the time the other "big name" company is done adding service, after service, after service -- you'll end up spending more! Yes - seriously.

We charge you a flat rate. Period. You know up front what our charges are, and that's all you pay. ;-)

Important: Before you hire a company to help you setup your nonprofit organization and nonprofit incorporation, be sure to check them out first. The following are links to business complaint sites that keep an eye on companies providing business services, such as Nonprofit Setup Services. You will see we've included a search for our company on as well. After you click on the links, be sure to scroll down to see the ratings and/or complaints on those sites, if any:

How to setup a nonprofit organization

Our company has been around since 1988. We have a 100% SUCCESS RATIO in helping our clients form their Nonprofit Organizations!

We can do the same for you. Instead of hiring a "big name" company, just because they do a lot of national advertising and you've heard of them, click on the links above and read up a bit on their company and ours. You'll see WE have a great record.

CALL TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE: 1.865.730.2448‬. We'll charge you less. We'll give you more. We'll get your project done. Why would you want to go anywhere else?

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