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Call 865.408.8833 Today!If you have ever tried to fill out all those IRS 1023 forms and attempted to deal with the mounds of confusing paperwork -- then you know how difficult and time consuming obtaining your non-profit status can be -- but help is on the way! DON'T LET ANOTHER IDLE YEAR GO BY! GET STARTED TODAY!

A lot of people think that just by filing your Articles of Incorporation with the state, you automatically qualify for “tax-exempt” or 501(c)(3) status – NOT TRUE! You MUST obtain tax-exempt status from the IRS!

This requires you to fill out the dreaded 32-page plus 1023 Application, feared by just about anyone who’s ever attempted to read through it, let alone complete it. Everyone except our Nonprofit Specialists, that is!

If you need help to setup your nonprofit organization, our team of specialists can help you obtain your corporation, get federal tax-exempt status, and establish your nonprofit organization in just a few easy steps! We know you need to form a non-profit so you can find grant funding to support your worthwhile cause. You most likely know that as a tax-exempt corporation, you’ll be eligible to obtain private and public grants. Not just that, but you’ll also be able to solicit and accept tax-deductible donations from corporate donors, public entities, and private citizens – all of which are critical to not just your fundraising efforts, but the success of your organization.

Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status tells your potential donors that you are a legitimate organization. NP Setup Services can help you form your non-profit corporation and quickly prepare your 501(c)(3) application for tax exemption. We can help you get started today!

The NonProfit Corporation Package includes ALL this:

Form(s) or Work Included?Yes!
Preliminary non-profit corporation name clearance
Federal Tax ID application preparation
Preparation of Articles of Incorporation
Preparation of Corporate By-Laws
Preparation of IRS 1023 Tax-Exempt Application Form (including any Schedules, additional budget and additional Attachments, if applicable)
Follow-thru IRS 1023 Application response communication services, if required
Corporate Minutes Forms*
Complete the preparation of your STATE tax-exemption or registration, if required
Free e-book on how to find grant funding
 Professional “Completeness” Review  
Customer support "after the fact."
Free first class shipping (within the Continental U.S.)
USPS Priority delivery of final package
The only additional fee we charge is if you require us to serve as your Registered Agent: $129.00

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 Let us help you setup your Nonprofit Organization -- so you can enjoy the free time you need to get your organization going, like finding grant funding, hiring qualified staff, managing and organizing your project, organization or program.

Or call: 1.865.730.2448 and get Nonprofit Setup Services started on your tax-exempt organization forms!

* Applicable for all new clients starting October 1, 2023.