Q: For What Uses are Grants Given?

Personal Needs: such as mortgage payments, buying a house for individuals, groceries, rent, utility payments, child care expenses, car payments, insurance, debt consolidation, free grant money for "individual use" and more?


Many companies will tell you this type of funding IS available, just to try and get your money...but don't let them fool you! Except for welfare or State-type "aid to families" programs, we've never been able to find this sort of funding for anybody. Just about the closest thing to buying a house for someone we've seen are a couple of programs that may help with the down payment and will guarantee your loan, depending on your circumstances and a whole lot of different criteria. Other foundations will "partner" with a local community organization to try and promote economic development and revitalize neighborhoods by increasing the amount of affordable housing...in other words, they aren't going to buy you a house, but they will try to make sure you have affordable homes to buy in your area!

Here are some websites you can review to see if they can help you:
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Rural Development
ICF New York
Wells Fargo (only for those west of the Mississippi)

Health Care: such as hospital costs, doctors and dental bills, loss of income, long term treatment and specialized therapy for heart disease, cancer care, mental and emotional illness, diseases of aging such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, stroke and more? YES and NO! It depends on if you're on welfare, a ward of the state, disabled, a veteran, etc. But if you ran up a bunch of bills and don't want to pay them, guess what? You won't qualify, because there are no grants to help you pay off your debt!

Education for men and women to further their education: Money for children for pre-school and nursery school education, private, primary and secondary schools. There are athletic scholarships and grants for undergraduate, graduate, professional and foreign studies and more? Absolutely...the possibilities are ENDLESS! We want America E-D-U-C-A-T-E-D!!!

Business: There are Grants for a variety of business situations, believe it or not! Don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise...if they say there isn't anything, they just don't know WHERE to look! As with any grant, it depends on your needs and the needs of the community, the type of grant you're seeking and more. No one is just going to hand you money to go out and buy a business or pay for your company's personnel because you ask for it - so if this is what you're looking for we suggest you get a loan!

However, if your company serves a need, offers job training, or produces a viable product that is needed by the military or government then there just might be some funding out there for you!

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